Instrumentals & Lyrical Poetry spanning all genres of music

2006 - 2017

Even though I am not actively engaged in music anymore, I keep this website up to share the enormous volume of work I have produced since 2006.

Select Past Professional Engagements

Dead Run

Short Film 2009

Story and Animation by Dale Taylor

Galaxy Starz Title Track

Kids Animated Series

Story and Animations by Casey Casper / Jennifer Richards

Zukor Interactive Grind

Clinical Neuro-Feedback Game

Game created by Zukor Interactive

Zukor Interactive Website

Requires HTML5 Audio support for MP3 files

Quick Stint in Machinima

Very early and unfinished Machinima by Joe Carter called "Brucie vs. Brucie"

Professional but very personal albums & projects

Over 300 tracks of all genres, purposes, and quality

Anonymia Pseudonym

Behind the Shades


The Dark Side of Man

Aphotic Transmissions




The Darkness

Don't forget the B-Sides!