Anonymia Pseudonym Cover Art

Anonymia Pseudonym

Anonymia Pseudonym is a collision of my minimal dark and beautiful styles with a blend of powerful intimacy.

If you were to take Black and Behind the Shades, smash them together, and then sprinkle on some concepts from The Darkness, you would get an idea of where I am going with this album. It is sure to be a beautiful set of tracks and it has become a project of obsession for me.

This Project is a collection of music inspired by the series: Twin Peaks.

Unfinished Album

Anonymia Pseudonym Working Tracklist:

Track Length
Opening Incantation
Night Time Blues
Big Eyes and a Beautiful Smile
Whatever it Takes to make you smile
Inhuman Paradise
Evening Bell
Nicotine Dream
The Invisible

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Big Eyes and a Beautiful Smile Video

Tribute to the original series: Twin Peaks, the inspiration for this album