Aphotic Transmissions Cover Art

Aphotic Transmissions

The most depraved and forsaken works I have ever promulgated and revealed, but by far some of the most earth shattering, emotional material I have ever produced.

Aphotic Transmissions is a "black light" album: dark and very abstract. Lyrically speaking, the motif is set on some of the worst of human experiences: loss, suffering, disenchantment, and a lack of direction. Some have commented that this album displays my more "insane" thoughts and structured approaches to songwriting. While I agree in some way, it is by no means as symbolic or "dark" as Behind the Shades. However, there is no lack of beauty in these "insane" words, nor is the insanely conjured, yet structured, music any less artistic, rather it is motivated by the beauty of the dark experience ... the figurative "Black Sun" or journey into the underworld. It was an album made to heal wounds, find reprieve, forget, and absolve from the static fringe boundary that borders on insanity and self‐reflection.


Aphotic Transmissions Tracklist:

Track Length
A Dark Love 01:19
Amara 01:55
Bad at Life 02:26
Conflicted 03:46
Defiler 03:44
Desperation 02:36
Empty Sky 01:38
Exciter Principle 02:44
Fireflies 03:45
Flames 02:17
Fly 02:50
Fly Unto Heaven 02:05
Incomplete 04:18
My Lie: Making love to a dream 02:26
Reflections on E.W. 05:03
Simple and Kind 01:50
Sorath: The Sun Demon (Aphotic Mix) 04:23
Sunfly 03:40
Sybil 02:08
The Hurt 03:18
Wishes 02:20
Zip Cord through Life 01:44

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