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An experimental collage of emotional electronica. At the time of its writing, experimental for me was electronica since I rarely tried to purposely write that type of music.

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Run time: 47 min 6 sec

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  • Creational Anomaly 4:04
  • Bio-Electricity (Dubstep) 3:30
  • Cassie's Song 3:40
  • Paint me Bad Alt Toy 3:11
  • The Evil Inside Me 2:17
  • Dark Lane 3:55
  • Enigmatic World 3:10
  • Sophia's Children are Waiting 3:07
  • Holding Hands by the Sea 1:51
  • Am I? 2:55
  • Holding You 3:39
  • Inside an Eclipse 3:11
  • Twin Peaks 2:23
  • I belong to Ennoia 2:47
  • Watch me Wide Open 3:26

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