Basic Cover Art


An experimental collage of emotional electronica.

Basic was an odd little project where I tried my hand at "experimental music." In reality it is more of a techno‐like electronica album with very few experimental pieces. At the time of its writing, however, experimental for me was electronica, since I rarely tried to purposely write that type of music. However, once everything was said and done, a few very good tracks with very lush and ambient atmospheres blossomed. Among some of my favorite tracks on this album are: Cassie's Song, Holding You, Watch Me Wide Open, and Paint Me Bad.

Basic will always represent a weird stage of my life where I delineated from my normal style of writing and went off into a different world ‐ one which I never plan to return to.


Basic Tracklist:

Track Length
Creational Anomaly 04:04
Bio-Electricity (Dubstep) 03:30
Cassie's Song 03:40
Paint me Bad Alt Toy 03:11
The Evil Inside Me 02:17
Dark Lane 03:55
Enigmatic World 03:10
Sophia's Children are Waiting 03:07
Holding Hands by the Sea 01:51
Am I? 02:55
Holding You 03:39
Inside an Eclipse 03:11
Twin Peaks 02:23
I belong to Ennoia 02:47
Watch me Wide Open 03:26

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