Behind the Shades Cover Art

Behind the Shades

Behind the Shades is an intimate project that aims to bring my own view of noumenon into the minds of my listeners. When I first planned the composing and tracking of the project's first few pieces, I told myself that it should be unlike any other project I have done. I told myself that honesty in art is beautiful and I wanted this album to be that honesty. So listeners can know that the words on this album are etched in my mind. This album truly represents my own personal artistic struggles.

Behind the Shades is an album like no other. It is a set of my personal works that delve on the fringes of the insane, the depraved, the immature, and the corrupt. It is all of these natures that the focus of the album lays it's thoughtful sounds upon. It is by no means as dark as the material set to be on Trendsetter, but Behind the Shades takes a relatively bleak stab at the visceral questions surrounding morality and intuition. There is probably no other album, that I have released, that is so acutely tangled in a specific set of ideas as this one. Listening to this album and reading the lyrics are not enough. To truly appreciate these tracks, one must turn off the lights and close their eyes; The music is made to paint something starkly antagonistic to the status quo, but so close to the human heart and is easily recognizable by someone looking for it.


Behind the Shades Tracklist:

Track Length
Anti-Volition 03:57
Apathetic Eyes 04:54
Grey Room Intrusion 03:12
Haunting but Anesthetic 03:29
Human Solvent 08:16
I Don't Know Why... 04:02
Invitation 04:14
Know this, Demon 06:04
Misanthropic Ideation 02:46
My Habitual Fingers 02:54
My Personal Mysterium 04:58
Piddler 03:59
Primordial 04:06
Prize Possession 04:44
Rachel's Tree 04:22
Realignment in Damascus 04:38
Shining Stone 06:59
Take my Life ... Hold Me Down 02:29
Trenton 02:50
You and I Tonight 03:33

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