Black Cover Art


Black offers a taste of the melancholic and gloomy lustful imagination of its writer. It is a play on delicate human emotions. Pushing and pulling the listener to its sometimes depraved, other times beautiful world. Balancing both its electronic and instrumental tracks in an ethereal world, it takes its listeners on a deep and driving inward spiral.

Black is a shifty, moody, set of pieces that explore a narrow niche of pop music. It is a mix of instrumental and lyrical pieces that demonstrate and accentuate a beautiful, but sad atmosphere. Each track paints a portrait of life from differing, but similar, viewpoints. Not easily classifiable as any one genre, Black is an artistic experiment. It can be difficult to find solidarity on this album, but that avoidance of solidarity is purposeful to convey the themes on the album. Disconnected and distraught are all piece of the puzzle on this album. The songs themselves are composed in an unusual manner, utilizing some very strange and atmospheric sounds interwoven with often complex rhythms that compliment the fluctuating atmospheres the progressions carry. I hope you enjoy it.


Black Tracklist:

Track Length
Ioda Island 03:48
Secret Bloom 02:40
Smashing Life 02:40
Tonight 02:37
Plush Kingdom 03:25
Purple 04:18
Beautiful but Dead Inside 03:44
Mild and Fair 02:52
Take Me 04:21
Beautiful 04:34
A Faded Path 01:40
Eraser (Remix 2009) 03:52
Moments Lost 02:53
Hopeless Notion 03:28
Asynchronous Lives 03:56

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