Logos Cover Art


An album dedicated to the beautiful and mesmerizing sounds of acoustic instrumentation. Logos is a delicate balance between light and dark influences. It draws on intuitive atmospheric cabaret to convey its deep and emotional meaning leaving the listener in hallowed introspection.

Logos is a unique album that was written, tracked, and recorded at record speed. Even for my usual quickness in writing tracks, this album just flew right out my mind! It is a collection of some of the better acoustic VST instruments available out there, namely from the little known, but quality‐renowned YellowTools. I sat down intending to write a set of acoustic pieces to really get something less electronic and more instrumental ‐ reacting to some external comments on The Darkness. At first I was going to redo many of The Darkness tracks on this album, but soon found that this was an avenue that needed its own stage with a fresh track list. After everything was recorded and I listened over the album again I couldn't believe how many memorable little melodies popped up on it.

I wanted something you might hear in a lounge or old‐time cabaret and my imagination did not disappoint. Logos is woven with some very thick stories carried on the voice of a four‐instrument setup: Spanish Guitar, Mexican Bass, Steingraeber Pianos, and a set of African percussion with very little reverb (think very intimate and in your face acoustic music). I think the adamant lineup of instruments was what contributed to the album's unique sound. Even on the tracks where I added a few ambient electronic layers, the acoustic quartet was only complimented and raised in quality of performance. This is an album definitely worth listening to and demonstrates many of my minimalistic composing skills.


Logos Tracklist:

Track Length
Vagrant Story (Arranged for Piano) 02:02
Pieces of Me 02:26
Soul for Sale 02:48
Say Nothing 03:09
Falling Apart at the Seams 02:53
Opium Stairway 03:51
The Spice 02:18
Victor 05:38
Dreamscapes (Acoustic Version) 04:02
My Friend 02:34
Collage 02:50
In Obscurity 03:41
Deeper 03:28

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