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Behind the Shades

The most honest and personal album I have ever written.

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Run time: 1 hrs 26 min 26 sec

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  • Anti-Volition 3:57
  • Apathetic Eyes 4:54
  • Grey Room Intrusion 3:12
  • Haunting but Anesthetic 3:29
  • Human Solvent 8:16
  • I Don't Know Why... 4:02
  • Invitation 4:14
  • Know this, Demon 6:04
  • Misanthropic Ideation 2:46
  • My Habitual Fingers 2:54
  • My Personal Mysterium 4:58
  • Piddler 3:59
  • Primordial 4:06
  • Prize Possession 4:44
  • Rachel's Tree 4:22
  • Realignment in Damascus 4:38
  • Shining Stone 6:59
  • Take my Life ... Hold Me Down 2:29
  • Trenton 2:50
  • You and I Tonight 3:33

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