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The Darkness

Enigmatic and rare, The Darkness will guide you through picturesque "dreamscapes," haunted with intermixing electronic and instrumental layers. From melancholic story‐like musical prose to abstract and lush soundscapes, The Darkness is sure to please any instrumental lover who enjoys eerie exotic themes. The Darkness strives to take the average listener and immerse them in an unseen and beautiful world of interpretations. It purposefully sets itself apart from other ambient albums to connect to modern listeners.

The Darkness was my first step in the door so to speak ‐ my very first personal, public release. It relays some of my rarer signature "esoteric" sound concepts. I went into it during a complete dry spell of work and put myself wholly into the actual composition and structure of the album. The sound production was admittedly a bit shoddy, but the musical quality of the tracks themselves is not easily reproducible. I still look over my scribbled melodies and complex harmonies and have trouble realizing how I actually wrote it. It is a venture into an unknown world, a sound‐scape not easily identifiable and that, if anything, is my proudest accomplishment. The album was reviewed on Silent Ballet: read here. Of course, the album was re‐mastered and in some cases rewritten since the review (mostly instrumentation), but the reviewer had a lot to say about the overall sonic voyage.


The Darkness Tracklist:

Track Length
Noumenon 02:11
Our Garden 05:08
Pillow 02:58
Abstracia 03:28
Catch22: Moving Through the Crowd 05:11
Catch22: Regrets of Maturity 05:35
Drowning in Darkness 03:20
His Name is Simon 03:21
Coin 02:17
Their House in the Forest 02:53
Their Meeting Place 02:23
Guided into the Nothing 04:23
Signal Fire from the Outside 02:29
Somewhere Outside 03:11
Waiting 01:33

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