TrendSetter Cover Art


Trend Setter is the very essence of my experimentation. A dark and recessive set of pieces that intertwine musical elements and ideas that although odd, fit beautifully together to make sense of something almost entirely intangible...

The approach on this album is experimental, much unlike the “experimental” I tried to accomplish with Basic. Although Basic does have some very good tracks on it, the production value/quality is nothing close to what I hoped to accomplish with Trend Setter. There is a more defined structure to the songs: some are minimized to only vocals and piano while others boast a more esoteric and shadowy string of elaborate chord progressions and melodies strangely tied together. It is no doubt just as “dark” as my other personal releases, but it is focused much more on the supernatural in the equation, the unconditioned side of my creativity.


TrendSetter Tracklist:

Track Length
Affliction 03:30
A Black Rose for Atlantis 05:21
The Blue Room 01:58
Damn...why so beautiful? (Instrumental Ver 1.) 06:02
A Desert 04:17
Embers 04:34
Ethereal 06:35
I am Zero 04:05
Innocence Breathes 04:35
Rachel's Tree (Rashid Mix) 04:42
Show Me 02:59
Tears 01:59
Under You 03:23
Bonus Track: Inaccessible Man 03:37

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Show Me Video

A quick & dark mockup of the song "Show Me"