The Darkness Album Cover

The Darkness

The opening of enigmas and the revealing of the rare, the haunting, and quiet spaces.

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Run time: 50 min 21 sec

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  • Noumenon 2:11
  • Our Garden 5:08
  • Pillow 2:58
  • Abstracia 3:28
  • Catch22: Moving Through the Crowd 5:11
  • Catch22: Regrets of Maturity 5:35
  • Drowning in Darkness 3:20
  • His Name is Simon 3:21
  • Coin 2:17
  • Their House in the Forest 2:53
  • Their Meeting Place 2:23
  • Guided into the Nothing 4:23
  • Signal Fire from the Outside 2:29
  • Somewhere Outside 3:11
  • Waiting 1:33

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