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A dark and recessive set of music focused on the permeation of the supernatural, the unconditioned side of reality, in and out of the "real world." Also, some of the most important stuff I have ever followed through with.

Trendsetter Album Information

Trendsetter, released in 2013, has 14 tracks and a total runtime of 57 min 37 sec.

Track Name Length
1 Affliction 3:30
2 A Black Rose for Atlantis 5:21
3 The Blue Room 1:58
4 Damn...why so beautiful? 6:02
5 A Desert 4:17
6 Embers 4:34
7 Ethereal 6:35
8 I am Zero 4:05
9 Innocence Breathes 4:35
10 Rachel's Tree (Rashid Mix) 4:42
11 Show Me 2:59
12 Tears 1:59
13 Under You 3:23
14 Inaccessible Man 3:37

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