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Aphotic Transmissions

The most depraved and forsaken works I have ever promulgated and revealed, but by far some of the most earth shattering, emotional material I have ever produced. The motif is a play on some of the worst of human experiences: loss, suffering, disenchantment, and a lack of direction.

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Run time: 1 hrs 2 min 15 sec

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  • A Dark Love 1:19
  • Amara 1:55
  • Bad at Life 2:26
  • Conflicted 3:46
  • Defiler 3:44
  • Desperation 2:36
  • Empty Sky 1:38
  • Exciter Principle 2:44
  • Fireflies 3:45
  • Flames 2:17
  • Fly 2:50
  • Fly Unto Heaven 2:05
  • Incomplete 4:18
  • My Lie: Making love to a dream 2:26
  • Reflections on E.W. 5:03
  • Simple and Kind 1:50
  • Sorath: The Sun Demon (Aphotic Mix) 4:23
  • Sunfly 3:40
  • Sybil 2:08
  • The Hurt 3:18
  • Wishes 2:20
  • Zip Cord through Life 1:44

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