The Darkness Album Cover

The Darkness

The opening of enigmas and the revealing of the rare, the haunting, and quiet spaces.

The Darkness Album Information

The Darkness, released in 2007, has 15 tracks and a total runtime of 50 min 21 sec.

Track Name Length
1 Noumenon 2:11
2 Our Garden 5:08
3 Pillow 2:58
4 Abstracia 3:28
5 Catch22: Moving Through the Crowd 5:11
6 Catch22: Regrets of Maturity 5:35
7 Drowning in Darkness 3:20
8 His Name is Simon 3:21
9 Coin 2:17
10 Their House in the Forest 2:53
11 Their Meeting Place 2:23
12 Guided into the Nothing 4:23
13 Signal Fire from the Outside 2:29
14 Somewhere Outside 3:11
15 Waiting 1:33

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