Meet the Composer

Travis Coats

A Gnostic. I like strange stuff. Aliens. UFOs. The paranormal. Ancient mysteries. I'm surprised people even talk to me really. Oh, yeah - I love music!

Travis Coats Bio

What's there to say?

I've been obsessed with music since I was seven years old. I've spent my entire early adult life experience in making musical epithets, purposeful delusions, and endearing stories, each more complex and insightful than the one before. I've played in orchestras and produced hundreds of my own songs from my home studio. I believe there is something magical in musical expression and I am convinced it is one of the most direct paths to self-discovery available. When you listen to my music, whatever you take away from it, however you interpret my lyrics or my choice of topics, know that when I wrote it, there was something going on in my life, or in this world, that I was compelled to represent. Thanks for visiting.

The Name

Allinnia is a dream; An intuition of mine that I've held as a muse for years. Whenever I was so bold to think I didn't need it ... that I had outgrown it, it made itself relevant in my life. It recreated itself like a moving canvas of the mind: an artful response to reality and an immediate sensation of the beyond. A mythological story about a one-eyed masked man and his wolves ... a dark god, a fluent reality, a lost love bent to suicide and resurrected through the fireflies rising slowly above her grave; Shout forever from a tower with eyes over creation - through time forward and backward against nothing. Standing on the sand of an indecisive ocean where the murky waves gave clarity to that, just out of sight, empty void of expanding change. It is a myth, a delusion, an archetype, a model, a despair that motivates hope and wisdom.