Meet the Composer

Travis Coats

A Gnostic. I like strange stuff. Aliens. UFOs. The paranormal. Ancient mysteries. I'm surprised people even talk to me really. Oh, yeah - I love music!

What's there to say?

I've been obsessed with music since I was seven years old. I've wrapped my entire early adult life experience up into musical epithets and self-constructed memories, each more complex and insightful than the one before. I've played in orchestras and produced hundreds of my own songs from my home studio. I am a super easy dude to get along with, but I do use a shit load of profanity and I am slightly awkward to talk to according to most people. I still believe there is something magical in musical expression and I am convinced it is one of the best paths to self-discovery out there. When you listen to my music, whatever you take away from it, however you interpret my lyrics or my choice of topics, know that when I wrote it, there was something going on my life that compelled me to make that track. Thanks for visiting.