Meet the Composer

Travis Coats

A Gnostic. I like strange stuff. Aliens. UFOs. The paranormal. Ancient mysteries. I'm surprised people even talk to me really. Oh, yeah - I love music!

It all started on a piano at age 9, then moved to a guitar at age 17, then finally to a computer at age 24.

I have been writing music for almost 30 years. My primary instrument is the piano but I have been known to toy with a guitar or two. I was a 1st chair Trombone player at one point, but decided that my interest was primarily in composing, not just playing a part. I was heavily influenced from being in the bass section, especially by the rhythmic sections of the orchestra and I pride myself on having a pretty good grasp on those elements of music. After leaving the performance scene, I made a change of course into the world of music theory by taking lessons from anyone who would give them to me. I started writing independent short film music for a while, but my passion and inspiration has always been in the ever evolving world of video games. I was heavily influenced by names like: Nobuo Uematsu, Yasunori Mitsuda, Jeremy Soule, Basil Paledouris, and many popular music bands from the 60's onward.

This site serves as a relic of those active solo years and as an artistic expression of the world I was trying to paint through sound. If you want to get a hold of me, my email is travis at this domain dot com! I will always have a special place in my heart for the musical arts. Maybe one day, with your help, I can get back into it, but as of now my rig is outdated and I do not have the time or funds to get back up and running. Now days, I run a small web development and design company: Zen Perfect Design.

Thanks for visiting!